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Reliable Regular,DOMESTIC Cleaner 8£,END OF Tenancy Cleaning £8,Ironing,Cleaner,Spring Cleaner £8

Rate 8.00£ per hour (no extra charge)
The cleaning session for each customer is min 3 hours
int the kitchen Wash sink Clean counter tops Wipe outside of appliances microwave inside out oven fridge windows
Sweep mop floor Load run dishwasher
Take out trash
in the Bathroom(s)
Clean mirrors disinfect tub toilet shower sink Sweep mop floor empty bins Change towels
In other Other Areas Dust furniture pictures Vacuum mop floors
Dust window blinds Clean television screens
Wipe wood tables chairs
in the Bedroom(s)
Dust Change sheets Make bed
Floors Laundry Ironing
What makes us different
Vacuum with upright and backpack including edges hardwood tiled floors,sofas chairs
Hand wash floors upon request stand baseboards
Dust furniture sills ledges woodwork ceiling fans wall hangings
Clean window blinds doorknobs light switches
Clean entry-way windows and doors
Make beds change linens
Clean shine disinfect bathroom including fixtures counter tops and floors
Clean kitchen sinks appliance exteriors counter tops items on IT cabinet fronts table chair legs
Empty load dishwasher and wash inside microwave trash containers
Sweep front rear porch patio

We don’t cut corners.All the wall hangings such mirror frames, clocks etc won’t be forgotten.Bathroom the tile bulbs inside behind toilet. Baseboard wherever the dust may be are never forgotten.

WE Clean Other tasks such as garages, ovens / grills, under heavy furniture and appliances windows walls inside FRIDGE oven

-Move in/out- Rate 8£ per hour
-Cleaning before/after party- Rate 8£ per hour
-Home and Office cleaning- Rate 8£ per hour
-Hotels, restaurants and pubs- Rate 8£ per hour
-Schools- Rate 8£ per hour
-Ironing- Rate 8£ per hour
-Dogs walking- Rate 8£ per hour